Pactolus Difference

Pactolus engages worldwide resources and personal involvement to bring clarity to the ever-changing complexities of the global financial markets. The firm is client-centric focused: objectivity, independence, and integrity are our foundation. We work individually with families to help them develop a long-term strategic plan of their financial assets. Our comprehensive, collaborative approach blends an exhaustive understanding of our client’s balance sheet, family dynamics, goals and aspirations. By taking the time to get to know you and your family, we greatly increase the probability of our collective success.

Our ongoing dialogue with clients in a vast number of areas sets us apart from other financial institutions, which includes:

  • Governance & Risk Management
  • Philanthropy & Lifestyle
  • Investments & Estate

You will be introduced to our unique management and operations platform with a Client Advisory Board that:

  • Has a direct impact on firm operations
  • Provides insight and resources in areas of specific or collective interest
  • Leverages opportunities for families to collaborate, learn, and achieve common goals

You will discover our passion for providing the highest level of objective, well-conceived family solutions that are:

  • Not constrained by proprietary products, geographic boundaries, or asset type
  • Free from pressure to perform volume of transactions
  • Agnostic toward custodial and asset managers
  • Consistently seeks out the best resources for the best price
  • Utilizes comprehensive, global reporting solutions

We believe that comprehensive balance sheet management includes the integration of illiquid assets with the management of your liquid assets. There will be times when high net worth families can seize opportunities or manage risk in ways that others cannot. Through our own experience and the global network of families we work with, we can assist in the research and due diligence process of acquiring hard assets. Pactolus has assisted families in the acquisition of farmland, commercial real estate, closely held business interests, professional sports teams and precious metals.