Our Philosophy

Ongoing uncertainty and lack of transparency within the global financial markets prompted the founders of Pactolus, LLC (“Pactolus”) to create a firm focused first and foremost on understanding and embracing the needs of the high net worth families we serve. Extending well beyond the goal of independent, objective wealth management advice, we strive to understand what is most important to you, your business, your family and your future.

Working with partners around the globe, we have assembled a network of professionals in a variety of disciplines to address the complex needs of today’s global marketplace. Given the growing importance of geographic diversification in both your intangible portfolio and your hard assets, this network will work closely with you and your existing team of advisors. We ensure that your family’s business and personal assets are thoroughly reviewed, assessed for risk, and explained so you have a strategic understanding of the investment decisions you make.

We are privileged to work on a regular basis with some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurial families. They have joined us in a desire to seek a true partner that understands their particular needs and provides them with the individualized attention, resources, and clarity they need to help them manage and grow their legacies. This responsibility stretches far beyond the financial. At Pactolus, we see it as our duty and obligation to do everything necessary to empower our clients so they can cultivate—and transfer—their signature values to cherished family members and organizations.

This starts with candid conversation rather than a mind numbing questionnaire. We want to know what motivates you. What are your goals for yourself, your children, and your extended family? How will your legacy define you? How important is philanthropy in creating that legacy? How do you view risk? We commit the time and energy to understand you as a business leader and as an individual— ensuring the strength of our advisory relationship.